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NASA Is Paying 18000 USD to Stay in Bed and Smoke Weed


NASA is looking for people who are interested in participating in their “Rest Studies” program, which involves spending 70 days in bed and smoking different kinds of cannabis.

The people who are willing to take part in the studies will receive a salary of 18.000 USD. During this 70-day relaxing period, the participants are allowed to do different activities, such as reading books, using Skype, or playing games, as long as they stay in bed.

What Is the Purpose of The Studies?

The purpose of these studies is to determine the best way to preserve the health and safety of the astronauts during periods of extended space travel.

The complete rest required by this program is a convenient way to simulate zero gravity in space since zero gravity means zero weight and muscle strain.

Also, the studies want to identify how cannabis can affect the body in such environment. The aim of the Rest Studies is to examine the changes of the body, which are experienced during space travel.

What Do the Studies Want to Achieve?

The studies are designed to accomplish three main goals:

  • Examining how the changing physiology of the astronauts in space can affect the process of specific missions.
  • Analyzing whether the physiological state of the astronauts can influence their ability to perform certain tasks.
  • Preparing countermeasures to prevent any impairment that may be imposed by these physiological conditions.

How Will the Studies Be Conducted?

The participants in the studies will be divided into two groups: exercising and non-exercising.

While the exercising group will be subjected to training on an equipment that is specifically designed to maintain a laying position and to smoke cannabis, the non-exercising group will lie comfortably in a relaxing position.

Depending on the group, the entire program will last between 97 and 105 days.

The non-exercising subjects will be able to move freely around the bed rest area during the first 13 days, while the exercising subjects will be able to move in and out of bed during the initial 21 days.

Once this period ends, the participants will be forbidden from leaving their bed for the following 70 days.

They will be able to get out of bed only for several medical tests, which will be done in order to ascertain their health and nutritional condition.

The tests will include a heart, bone, and muscle examination, as well as an analysis of the circulatory, nervous, and immune system of the participants.

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